A Brody Alpert

My name is Alison Brody and I am a Community Chaplain. 

I am endorsed by The Humanist Society and have worked and volunteered in hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons in the New York area. 

As a Chaplain I bring the collective values of our communities within institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, schools, non-profit programs, and universities; I am always hoping to engage with people from any faith tradition. 

Talk To Me About:
* values & choices
* secular practices
* volunteering
Secular Homeschooling

For a little over 40 years I have been a community social worker in New York City, in programs with people living on the streets, in public hospitals, and in community-based organizations. 

I studied at Seminary in the 1980s, and years later was ordained through Mesifta Adath Wolkowisk. 


10 December 2023 marks 75 years since The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris. Read the full text by clicking on this link ~

I am registered as a marriage officiant in New York City, and meet with couples to discuss their readiness to marry, prepare for commitment ceremonies, and to officiate at weddings.

As a chaplain, I am glad to visit people in hospitals or nursing homes, to exchange letters with individuals who are incarcerated, and to talk with people in person or by phone about various concerns.

  • supporting a loved one who is incarcerated;
  • preparing living wills and healthcare proxies;
  • questions about putting values and preferences into daily practice;
  • end-of-life choices...

I do not have set fees. If you are able, you can contribute what you wish to support my work as a Chaplain ~ you can use the form below.


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